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Socks with skin of Beaver

Socks with skin of Beaver

Product Code: TP153
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Have you ever had an experience of wading through the frozen wetland, in the early spring, when nature is still asleep, and some rare voices of geese returning home echo through the forest, going on, to the cosy but impregnable beaver house, seen in the distance, feeling the ice-cold water prowl into your shoes, but still no matter how cold your hands are, waiting for the warm and smooth furry inhabitant to show up. Frequently enough this kind of anticipation ends in beavers winning, have no need to hurry leaving the water being wrapped into their snug furcoats. However, now your chances in outfoxing them, have been doubled, by choosing natural beaver fur socks and gloves, ensuring that all your body is kept warm. Fabulously warm beaver fur clothing is perfectly made not only for hunters, but also for their wives and girlfriends.

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